Case: Mobile workshops in Ecuador

HHI Business Services in Ecuador perform and overhaul and maintenance services for government-owned power plants, who are not yet ready to execute by themselves. Recently, they purchased 2 complete mobile workshop units equipped with Chris-Marine & IOP Marine tools uniquely customized to the customer’s needs.

Complete workshop for STELCO


State Electric Company Ltd., STELCO, in the Maldives.


STELCO is a stated owned company with power generation, distribution and retail as part of their core business.
They run power plants in 36 different islands, hereby providing electricity for almost half of the Maldives’ population, using mainly Cummins generators.

Engine types

Setting up a reliable workshop

Providing electricity for half the population of the Maldives, and with a location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, STELCO is exceedingly vulnerable to load shedding and breakdowns. As a result, STELCO decided to rely on our customized maintenance solutions and know-how to secure the future stability of the power production.
By providing STELCO with a complete maintenance solution comprising machining, testing and cleaning products, we have created the ideal conditions for both employees and engines. Furthermore, we have provided the necessary consulting, training and education for the staff, eradicating the costs of external service hubs, which is also acknowledge by head of the Power Generation Department at Stelco, Ibrahim Nizam:

We highly appreciate the support and cooperation extended to us by Chris Marine & IOP Marine. They have provided us with very informative and productive services, saving us a lot of time and manpower on maintenance work. We are looking forward for future development in cooperation with Chris-Marine and IOP Marine”.

Time saving fuel pump grinding


East Asia Diesel Power Corporation, Cebu, Phillippines


The fuel pump grinder from Chris-Marine was purchased for the Cebu Private Power Corporation plant, which was founded in 1997 and provides reliable electricity to more than 250,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the city of Cebu.


4 x MAN 16V, 52/55A with a total output of 50 MW

Previously purchased products:

Purchased product:

Developed for the grinding of fuel pump and fuel valve components for diesel engines, the FPG has wide range of applications and operation.
The machine is timesaving as no lapping is required and due to its sturdy design and incorporated features, a high quality grinding result is achieved quickly. It is electrically driven with a pneumatically driven grinding head and is intended for workshops ashore.

FPG - Fuel pumpa and fuel valve grinding machine


Statements from CPPC:

Rechimer O. Daitol, Mechanical planning engineer at CPPC says:

“For injection pump reconditioning, as you can see, we have saved up to 61.5 man hours when reconditioning one unit of injection pump with the Chris-Marine Fuel Pump Grinding machine. In an 8 hour job, you can fininsh an injection pump assembly – unlike before, where it took us 4 days, or much worse, a week, to finish one.”

“For injection valve reconditioning, we have saved 25 man-hours when reconditioning one injection valve unit.”

So far, CPPC has machined:

88 injection valves and 76 injection pumps.

According to Rechimer O. Daitol the FPG has helped them to reduce costs and increase the efficiency:

“Because of the Fuel Pump Grinding Machine, we have minimized our labour expenses, and increased our reconditioning through put. And with regards to accuracy and precision, based on my personal experience, our Chris-Marine equipment are the best and are very reliable.”

See the FPG in use here:

Beneficial Liner Monitoring


d’Amico Group


d’Amico Group is one of the major playes in the tanker and dry market, with a fleet covering both medium range and large range vessels.

All the vessels have been constructed in compliance with the IMO and MARPOL standards, and with the requisites of the major petroleum and energy companies, as well as with international standards.

Purchased Product:

LDM – Liner wear measuring tool

The LDM is an innovative tool for safe, fast and accurate measuring of cylinder liner wear and clover-leafing.
By using the LDM it is possible to avoid unplanned off-hire and reduce overhauling costs through continual monitoring of the cylinder condition. Furthermore, pre-inspection of the cylinder condition before a piston overhaul will minimize downtime and cost.

Reason for purchase:

The LDM is suitable for all 2-stroke engines with 500 – 980mm bore, and offers fast and precise in-situ measurement of cylinder liner wear and shape with no need to remove cylinder cover or dismantle critical engine parts.

So far, d’Amico group has purchased 3 LDM’s as part of an ambitious condition-based maintenance project, and more orders for the monitoring equipment is on the way:
According to Technical Superintendent Matteo Conci “d’Amico is looking very much into the results of their condition-based maintenance implementation projects in order to correctly assess what the benefits are, and will eventually extend it into the whole fleet.”

The LDM is therefore a highly relevant tool, and according to Matteo “the benefits speak for themselves – especially for those who are managing vessels with engines prone to cold corrosion, just having the capability to monitor liner without having to physically open the unit is a top advantage.”

See the interview

Download case story here: dAmico

Valve seat removal in Hong Kong


Man Diesel & Turbo Hong Kong Ltd


MAN Diesel & Turbo Hong Kong is located on Tsi Yi island in Hong Kong.

The MAN PrimeServ work shop is equipped with advanced technologies for repairs on gen sets and two-stroke engines.

MAN Diesel & Turbo has purchased several Chris Marine & IOP Marine products for their workshop in Hong Kong including: WGM, FPT, VPA 1100-5, HON-P & MPI.

Purchased Product:

The Multi Purpose Induction tool (MPI) is designed for easy removal of worn valve seats from cylinder heads.

The equipment consists of an induction generator which generates a high frequency current to an insulated water-cooled induction coil. The coil is designed to fit a specific valve seat centered on the valve guide and induces a current to the valve seat which is given a rapid heating, and heat is thus generated directly in metal objects.

For use in different applícations such as:

Reason for purchase:

The MPI was released in 2012 and MAN Diesel & Turbo Hong Kong Ltd was one of the first companies who ordered it.
The MPI has been in daily use for a about two years, and according to work shop manager Mr. Mos Tsang the main benefit, compared to the traditional methods, is time saving.

The coil heats the valve seat fast, typically in 15 seconds. As the seat heats up, it softens and tries to expand. The cold cylinder head prevents this, so the seat deforms. After cooling, the diameter has been reduced by 0.3-0.5mm, allowing removal without force.

Removing seats on 8-9 cylinder heads, normally took the workshop employees an entire day, but now they can do it within an hour. Additionally, the risk for damaging the cylinder head is eliminated by using the MPI.

The MPI is very easy to operate, thus there are 10 engineers in this work shop who can do it.


Download the case story here: MAN Diesel HK

Grumsen Equipment


Grumsen Equipment, Denmark


Grumsen Equipment owns a service workshop ideally located in Esbjerg harbour, and has more than 70 years experience in servicing cargo boats, off-shore installations and fishing vessels.

Primary customers include DFDS cruise line, Esvagt and Swire Blue Ocean.

Engine overhaul is primarily done on 4-stroke engines.

Grumsen Equipment is the onlý service provider in the area, who offers overhauling of fuel parts.

Demonstrating VPA at Grumsen

Demonstrating VPA at Grumsen

Purchased products:

Ultrasonic 1000

Superior cleaning of fuel parts such as fuel pumps, injector bodies and nozzles


Advanced test rig ensuring safe testing of slide fuel valves. Features include digital print out to provide documentation for the workshop’s customers.

Loading the Ultrasonic 1000

Loading the Ultrasonic 1000


Universal valve holder for all common 4-stroke engines


Advanced fuel pump tester


Complete fuel parts grinding machine

Reason for purchase

With the workshop at Esbjerg Harbour, Grumsen Equipment has the ideal location for servicing the increasing number of marine and offshore vessels frequenting the harbour.

Christian Grumsen

Factory Manager Christian Jørgensen in front of Grumsen’s.

The ambition for 2015 is to establish a dedicated fuel parts workshop as part of their existing services in order to offer new solutions and possibilities to both existing and potential customers.

According to Factory Manager, Christian Jørgensen, the decision to purchase fuel parts overhauling equipment from Chris-Marine and IOP Marine was easy: “We wanted to invest in top-of-the-line equipment that allow us to provide our customers with quality results. For us, it is important that we can trust the equipment we use to provide a continuously high standard to our customers”.

Download the case story here: Grumsen


Maestro Ship Management


Maestro Ship Management


The Maestro Group owns:

Engines include:

Purchased product:

10 pcs Diesel Engine Combustion Chamber Leak Tester (DEC)

The DEC-Tester provides reliable and efficient condition monitoring of the combustion chamber in 4-stroke diesel- and gas engines with at bore size of 160-460 mm. The equipment monitors the current condition of the piston ring pack / cylinder liner and inlet and exhaust valves.

Regular diesel engine combustion chamber tester inspections are an important complement to existing maintenance procedures, making it possible to customize engine overhaul intervals in order to lower operational costs and avoid engine break-downs.


Reason for purchase:

Considerable savings can be made through regular condition monitoring of the combustion chamber. Broken or worn out piston rings, excessive liner wear or worn valve seats are easily detected by the diesel engine combustion chamber tester. Such abnormalities are often not possible to detect through cylinder pressure measurements

According to Gary Brownless, Technical superintendent at Maestro “The Chris-Marine compression testers are useful and allowing us to extend overhauls/predict problems on the 4-strokes”

Union Marine


Union Marine Management Services Pte.Ltd


Union Marine Management Services Pte. Ltd. is at the moment managing more than 1 million DWT tonnage, has 17 modern bulk carriers
(52,000 DWT, 58,000 DWT, 82,000 DWT and 98,000 DWT) and 3 Car Carriers under their management with at least 4 more ships expected to join soon.

Engines include:


Reason for purchase:

Vinay Gupta, Managing Director at UMMS explains their reason for purchasing the Fuel Analyzer:

“The Fuel Analyzer from Chris-Marine measures catalytic fines (cat fines) in Heavy Fuel Oil.Cat fines are hard particles that are always present in HFO. Sometimes, we bunker oil with up to 60 ppm cat fines. We have realized that even if this is within the fuel specification, engines cannot withstand such high levels. If the HFO is not cleaned from cat fines,fuel pumps, cylinder liners and piston crowns will wear very quickly.

The FAR allows us to continuously monitor the operation of settling tanks, centrifugal purifiers, fuel filters and storage tanks. This allows us to lower the amount of cat fines that reaches the engines, thereby reducing wear and tear, which means that we can avoid engine failures and are able to save money on engine maintenance”.

Mikael Laszlo, project manager at Chris-Marine who made the agreement with UMMS elaborates:

We offer our customers not only a measurement device capable of detecting cat fines, but also a guideline for safe fuel purification. Our graphical user interface is viewed on the touch screen of the FAR cabinet as well as on any computer connected to the FAR – ashore as well as onboard. When the vessel has an internet connection, it is possible to remotely get current status on the purification plant or download historical data, for example from the superintendent’s office. It is also easy to connect the FAR to onboard alarm systems.”

Vinay Gupta concludes:

“Chris-Marine customized our FAR installation to fit the fuel treatment system onboard Jo-Jin Maru. The purification efficiency of the purifiers is visible directly on the screen and the same information is available for the fuel

filters and the settling tank. We can monitor the efficiency over time for each purification step and maintain equipment based on the readings and are now implementing operational procedures for lowering the cat fine level reaching the engines.

We expect that the FAR from Chris-Marine will help us to save a lot of money on engine wear parts and maintenance!”


Ultrasonic 4600


State Electric Company Ltd., (STELCO) Maldives


Other recently purchased products:

Bringing electricity to nearly half of the Maldivian population, STELCO cannot afford any engine failures at the power station in Male. The Ultrasonic 4600 was purchased to fulfill their need for cleaning of inter coolers in order to keep the engines running smoothly. Senior Engineer, Ibrahim Nizam of Stelco is very satisfied with their new Ultrasonic 4600:

“The large washing tank meets our cleaning requirements, and we are very satisfied with the service and training we have received from Chris-Marine”.

The Ultrasonic provides:

  • Safe & efficient cleaning of engine parts
  • Improved performance of intercoolers
  • No other available solution in the region.



Maersk Line, Denmark, for the new Triple-E Ships


With the new class of Triple-E container vessels Maersk Line continues on the journey towards environmental friendly shipping and CO2 reduction.

With the purchase of the IOP Marine and Chris-Marine machines for onboard use on all Triple-E vessels, Maersk has obtained the optimum maintenance equipment for the crew members to use when ensuring the smooth running of main and auxiliary engines.

  • VKS: Crucial for engine disassembly according to Maersk’ internal procedures
  • HPU: Reliable power unit which can help to prevent vessel delay as a consequence of lack of power.
  • VPUD 1100 SV ensures optimally working fuel injectors in order to reduce emissions, which goes hand in hand with philosophy of the Triple-E ships.

Teekay Tankers


TeeKay Tankers, U.S.A.


Teekay Tankers owns a fleet of:

Engines include:

TeeKay Tankers performed fleetwise replacement of fuel injector testers on all their vessels equipped with MAN slide fuel valves in order to eliminate risk of operator failure and optimize the onboard testing and calibration of fuel valves.

Almost half of the fleet’s test rigs were replaced with the VPUD 1000 as their previous test rigs did not meet the company’s requirements, while the rest were upgraded with the digital adaptor box.

The main reasons for the purchase of the IOP Marine products were to:

Knutsen Oas Shipping


Knutsen OAS Shipping, Norway


The two LNG vessels from operates in the North and South Pacific oceans with a busy schedule.

As it is difficult to bring these vessels ashore for maintenance, it is important to Knutsen OAS, that the crew is able to maintain the 4 Wärtsilä 50DF engines with safe and efficient machines in order to avoid engine failure.

With the onboard maintenance package from Chris-Marine, Knutsen OAS has purchased the optimal tools for recitifying liners, spindles and seats in order to secure that both vessels can fulfill their duties with their engines running smoothly.

Knutson’s benefits of the purchase is: