Maersk Line, Denmark, for the new Triple-E Ships


  • The Triple-E class of container shipping vessels consists of 20 new vessels being delivered to Maersk over the next 2 years.
  • Triple-E stands for:
    Energy Efficiency, Economy of Scale, Environmental Improved
  • Main Engines: MAN 8S80ME-C9.2 Aux.engines MAN L32/40
  • Capacity: 18,000 TEU

With the new class of Triple-E container vessels Maersk Line continues on the journey towards environmental friendly shipping and CO2 reduction.

With the purchase of the IOP Marine and Chris-Marine machines for onboard use on all Triple-E vessels, Maersk has obtained the optimum maintenance equipment for the crew members to use when ensuring the smooth running of main and auxiliary engines.

  • VKS: Crucial for engine disassembly according to Maerskā€™ internal procedures
  • HPU: Reliable power unit which can help to prevent vessel delay as a consequence of lack of power.
  • VPUD 1100 SV ensures optimally working fuel injectors in order to reduce emissions, which goes hand in hand with philosophy of the Triple-E ships.