Teekay Tankers

Teekay Tankers


TeeKay Tankers, U.S.A.


Teekay Tankers owns a fleet of:

  • 13 Aframax tankers
  • 10 Suezmax tankers
  • 10 Product tankers

Engines include:

  • MAN 5S70MC
  • MAN 6S70MC
  • MAN 7S70MC

TeeKay Tankers performed fleetwise replacement of fuel injector testers on all their vessels equipped with MAN slide fuel valves in order to eliminate risk of operator failure and optimize the onboard testing and calibration of fuel valves.

Almost half of the fleet’s test rigs were replaced with the VPUD 1000 as their previous test rigs did not meet the company’s requirements, while the rest were upgraded with the digital adaptor box.

The main reasons for the purchase of the IOP Marine products were to:

  • improve fuel injector performance
  • eliminate the risk of human errors.
  • ease the process of injector testing