Time saving fuel pump grinding

Time saving fuel pump grinding


East Asia Diesel Power Corporation, Cebu, Phillippines


The fuel pump grinder from Chris-Marine was purchased for the Cebu Private Power Corporation plant, which was founded in 1997 and provides reliable electricity to more than 250,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the city of Cebu.


4 x MAN 16V, 52/55A with a total output of 50 MW

Previously purchased products:

  • HON S – Cylinder liner honing machine
  • SRM – Surface rouchness measuring unit
  • BSP-30 – Valve spindle grinding Machine
  • MSD – Valve seat grinding machine

Purchased product:

Developed for the grinding of fuel pump and fuel valve components for diesel engines, the FPG has wide range of applications and operation.
The machine is timesaving as no lapping is required and due to its sturdy design and incorporated features, a high quality grinding result is achieved quickly. It is electrically driven with a pneumatically driven grinding head and is intended for workshops ashore.

FPG - Fuel pumpa and fuel valve grinding machine


  • Wide operating range
  • Air-driven precision grinding spindle
  • Time saving, as no lapping is required
  • Diamond dresser mounted on machine
  • Fine feed adjustment for grinding

Statements from CPPC:

Rechimer O. Daitol, Mechanical planning engineer at CPPC says:

“For injection pump reconditioning, as you can see, we have saved up to 61.5 man hours when reconditioning one unit of injection pump with the Chris-Marine Fuel Pump Grinding machine. In an 8 hour job, you can fininsh an injection pump assembly – unlike before, where it took us 4 days, or much worse, a week, to finish one.”

“For injection valve reconditioning, we have saved 25 man-hours when reconditioning one injection valve unit.”

So far, CPPC has machined:

88 injection valves and 76 injection pumps.

According to Rechimer O. Daitol the FPG has helped them to reduce costs and increase the efficiency:

“Because of the Fuel Pump Grinding Machine, we have minimized our labour expenses, and increased our reconditioning through put. And with regards to accuracy and precision, based on my personal experience, our Chris-Marine equipment are the best and are very reliable.”

See the FPG in use here: