Ultrasonic 4600

Ultrasonic 4600


State Electric Company Ltd., (STELCO) Maldives


  • STELCO operates 27 power stations in 27 islands
  • Brings electricity to over 46% of the Maldivian population.
  • Engines: MAN 32/40, Wärtsilä V32
  • Peak Load (MW): 40
  • Installed Capacity (MW): 61,42

Other recently purchased products:

Bringing electricity to nearly half of the Maldivian population, STELCO cannot afford any engine failures at the power station in Male. The Ultrasonic 4600 was purchased to fulfill their need for cleaning of inter coolers in order to keep the engines running smoothly. Senior Engineer, Ibrahim Nizam of Stelco is very satisfied with their new Ultrasonic 4600:

“The large washing tank meets our cleaning requirements, and we are very satisfied with the service and training we have received from Chris-Marine”.

The Ultrasonic provides:

  • Safe & efficient cleaning of engine parts
  • Improved performance of intercoolers
  • No other available solution in the region.