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Union Marine Management Services Pte. Ltd. is at the moment managing more than 1 million DWT tonnage, has 17 modern bulk carriers
(52,000 DWT, 58,000 DWT, 82,000 DWT and 98,000 DWT) and 3 Car Carriers under their management with at least 4 more ships expected to join soon.

Engines include:


Reason for purchase:

Vinay Gupta, Managing Director at UMMS explains their reason for purchasing the Fuel Analyzer:

“The Fuel Analyzer from Chris-Marine measures catalytic fines (cat fines) in Heavy Fuel Oil.Cat fines are hard particles that are always present in HFO. Sometimes, we bunker oil with up to 60 ppm cat fines. We have realized that even if this is within the fuel specification, engines cannot withstand such high levels. If the HFO is not cleaned from cat fines,fuel pumps, cylinder liners and piston crowns will wear very quickly.

The FAR allows us to continuously monitor the operation of settling tanks, centrifugal purifiers, fuel filters and storage tanks. This allows us to lower the amount of cat fines that reaches the engines, thereby reducing wear and tear, which means that we can avoid engine failures and are able to save money on engine maintenance”.

Mikael Laszlo, project manager at Chris-Marine who made the agreement with UMMS elaborates:

We offer our customers not only a measurement device capable of detecting cat fines, but also a guideline for safe fuel purification. Our graphical user interface is viewed on the touch screen of the FAR cabinet as well as on any computer connected to the FAR – ashore as well as onboard. When the vessel has an internet connection, it is possible to remotely get current status on the purification plant or download historical data, for example from the superintendent’s office. It is also easy to connect the FAR to onboard alarm systems.”

Vinay Gupta concludes:

“Chris-Marine customized our FAR installation to fit the fuel treatment system onboard Jo-Jin Maru. The purification efficiency of the purifiers is visible directly on the screen and the same information is available for the fuel

filters and the settling tank. We can monitor the efficiency over time for each purification step and maintain equipment based on the readings and are now implementing operational procedures for lowering the cat fine level reaching the engines.

We expect that the FAR from Chris-Marine will help us to save a lot of money on engine wear parts and maintenance!”