New Releases – Honing Accessories

Honing liquid

  • High-quality water miscible honing fluid

  • Based on environmentally friendly substances to ensure a healthy and efficient honing process

  • No transportation restrictions

  • Mix with water 1:10

Vibration dampers

  • Chris-Marine has recently introduced vibration dampers in order to minimize head wear, avoid vibration patterns in the cylinder liner and improve productivity.

  • The vibration dampers effectively reduce rotational vibration modes, making it possible to operate at higher stone pressure.

  • Vibration damper upgrade kits are available for most existing honing head types.

Remote control box and chain slack detector

  • The control handles for driving speed and stone pressure have been moved from the honing machine (HON S) to the same external control box where the reset and emergency buttons are situated. The new remote control box makes HON S much easier and even safer to use.

  • The chain slack detector (optional) stops the machine if there is slack in the chain from the hoist. This can occur for instance if the stone pressure is too high, thus preventing the honing head from sliding down in the liner.

  • There are two upgrade kits available for HON S users:

    • Remote control box

    • Remote control box & chain slack detector

Stone holders

  • Three types of honing stones are needed in 4-stroke honing.

  • A new running-in process starts when a stone is re-mounted into a stone holder. This can be avoided by keeping stones in holders and by using the same mounting order on the head every time.

  • We therefore recommend having one set of holders for each set of stones used. This saves up to 20% honing time as the time for switching stones and running-in time is reduced significantly.

  • Other benefits are reduced stone consumption and more repeatable honing results.

Honing cage

  • The solid Chris-Marine Honing cage makes the honing process much safer for the user.

Dressing tool for ceramic stones

  • The Chris-Marine dressing tool re-sharpens the cutting edges on the stone surface.

Torque wrench and adapter - option

  • For HON S and HON A machines with mechanical stone pressure control, a kit that improves stone pressure accuracy has recently been introduced. The kit includes a torque wrench and an adapter that significantly reduce honing time and risk for human error.