New Products & Upgrades

Shaftpower Limitation Solution


Chris-Marine's ShaPoLi solution helps help customers to comply with the EEXI regulations. The solution also helps them monitor and optimize their ship CII ratings in the future.

  • Scope of Supply

    • LEMAG Shaftpower torque meter

    • Control unit (calculation & limitation)

    • LEMAG SPEAT Monitoring system

    • Onboard Management Manual

  • Key Features of ShaPoLi Solution

    • Cost-effective solution

    • Reliable, safe & efficient

    • Easy to install (No Off-hire time)

    • Designed with Class guidance

    • Tamper-proof system

Ship Performance Efficiency Analyzing Tool / LEMAG SPEAT

Monitors vessel efficiency and fuel efficiency. Facilitates cost-efficient maintenance and operation of fuel consuming equipment like hull, propellers, engines and boilers.

  • Measures, records and monitors performance and navigational data

  • Constant KPI visualization to inform about energy efficiency

  • Helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

  • Data download and transfer function

  • NMEA output: shaft power output, torque and speed (RPM), and fuel consumption data, OPTIONAL

  • Analogue outputs: 4-20 mA signals for shaft power output, torque and speed (RPM), OPTIONAL

  • Optional: Digital outputs: shaft power warning, shaft power alarm and system error, OPTIONAL

  • 10.4" high resolution color bridge display with touch screen and USB interface

  • NEW!

    • Supports ISO 19030-2 ships and marine technology - measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance

    • SPEAT Viewer for onshore management comparison and follow-up (optional)

Honing machine / HON 2A


HON 2A is a fully automatic and electrically driven honing and deglazing machine for restoration of 2-stroke engine cylinder liner geometry and surface structure.

  • Pre-assembeled rig:

    • minimizes setup time

    • makes setup safer

  • One rig fits all bore sizes

  • Automatic stroke control included as standard

  • Easy to operate directly on engine or in honing rig

  • Honing head with detachable stoneholders

  • System for continuous supply of honing liquid

  • Fully automatic operation

  • For liners 500-1000 mm bore

Fuel Injector Test Rig / VPA 1100-6

Fuel injector test rig for testing of fuel valves on all 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, including fuel injectors with slide valves.

  • PLC-controlled test device

  • Touch panel for easy and fast operation

  • Pre-set required values

  • Built-in printer

  • Test reports stored in permanent memory or transferred to PC via USB

  • Optionally prepared for testing of common rail injector systems

  • Pneumatically driven

  • NEW! Fully automated test procedure

Working Rigs / WR 20 & WR 40

Working Rigs for safe maintenance of 2-stroke engine parts.

  • Available in 2 different configurations

  • Handling capacity: from 2000 kg to 4000 kg

  • Turning capacity: 0-360˚ (depending on engine parts)

  • Adjustable length and height

  • Self-locking turning gear

  • Replaceable brackets

  • All-round accessibility

  • Safe and efficient

  • For easy handling and overhaul of cylinder covers, exhaust valves and fuel pumps

Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator / LEMAG ECI

LEMAG ECI offers performance reporting for all large 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines no matter if they are running on HFO/MDO, LPG or natural gas.

  • Enables fine tuning of engine performance and lowers operating costs

  • Designed to withstand the harsh conditions found on ships and power plants

  • Has the ability to take continuous engine readings without the risk of overheating the sensor

  • Detects problems before downtime occurs

  • Optional safe, innovative and precise crank angle sensor delivers unmatched reading accuracy

  • NEW: Pressure range of 0-350 bar instead of 0-250 bar

Honing Machine / HON S

Our pneumatically driven honing machine complete with pneumatic hoist for restoration of cylinder liner geometry and surface structure.

  • For all 4-stroke cylinder liners

  • Rectifies the circular shape of the liner

  • Removes scuffing marks and restores surface structure

  • Cross pattern set mechanically

  • Pneumatically driven

  • NEW: Chain slack detector (optional) for safe operation

  • NEW: Remote control box for safe operation

  • New remote control box

  • Chain slack detector

Honing Machine / HON A

Our electrically driven, fully automatic honing machine for restoration of cylinder liner geometry and surface structure.

  • For all 4-stroke cylinder liners

  • Rectifies the circular shape of the liner

  • Removes scuffing marks and restores surface structure

  • Cross pattern set digitally

  • Fully automatic

  • Programmable remote control box for safe operation

  • NEW: Honing cage for safe operation

  • Electrically driven, silent operation

  • NEW: Automatic stone pressure control

Honing Rig / HR800

Our honing rig for workshop and onboard use when honing cylinder liners outside the engine.

  • For all 4-stroke cylinder liners

  • Robust and compact design

  • NEW: Honing throughout the liner

  • Upgrade package available for HR80 users.