Chris-Marine moves to new premises in Miami to serve its customers in the Americas even better

Chris-Marine has moved its US office to new premises in Miami to serve our customer-base in the Americas even better. Apart from offices, our new facilities include a well-equipped workshop focused on engine maintenance and maintenance of Chris-Marine machines.

Our service offering in the Americas now includes sales, installation, training, and service of all Chris-Marine machines. Our technical support team is highly specialized in maintenance of Chris-Marine®, Obel-P® and LEMAG® equipment and will help customers optimize the performance of their Chris-Marine equipment. The team is made up of Chris-Marine super-users with many years of combined experience as marine engineers, chief engineers, and work managers at leading shipyards.
Apart from having outstanding technical skills our team of super-users come with a can-do attitude second to none. They can work alone or together with your staff 24/7 to keep those engines running.

Areas of expertise

• Performance Monitoring Vessel and engine performance monitoring
• Condition Monitoring Fuel pump & injector valve testing, liner wear and piston ring condition monitoring
• Cylinder Liner Maintenance Liner wear-edge removal, honing, deglazing, and wave cutting. Lubrication quills and grooves machining. Sealing surfaces grinding, milling and lathe turning.
• Engine & Engine Block Maintenance Sealing surfaces grinding, milling and lathe turning. Cooling water leakage repair.
• Cylinder Head/Cover Maintenance Valve seat, recess, and spindle grinding. Sealing surfaces grinding, milling and lathe turning.
• Cleaning Spray-wash cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning of engine components.
• Other Flatness surface blade machining (propellers, liners, anges) Instrument calibration services

Why super-users?

• You staff needs help with installation of Chris-Marine equipment.
• You want to make sure that your team is using the very best procedures when carrying out jobs with equipment from
Chris-Marine®, Obel-P® or LEMAG®.
• A service job is coming up, but you are lacking capacity or know-how to carry out the job.

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Contact details
Chris-Marine USA
1850 N.W. 15th Avenue
City of Pompano Beach, Suite 225
FL-33069, USA

Phone: +1 786 212 9592