Did you hear about the updated VRL?

The Chris-Marine VRL is a dual-purpose tool for maintenance of medium-speed diesel engine cylinder heads and it facilitates complete maintenance of cylinder head air intake / exhaust valve seats and seat pockets.

VRL dual spindle

The VRL can be used for maintenance of cylinder head valve seats, which can be restored to their original contact angle and surface geometry and surface roughness. The VRL can also be used for renovation of cylinder heads where seat pockets have experienced corrosion or been scratched in connection with change of seat.

Use the VRL to machine to suitable oversize and insert relevant oversize seat. The VRL cutting angle can be adjusted and the VRL is compatible with the majority of medium-speed 4-stroke engines, including but not limited to engines from Wärtsilä, MAN, Pielstick, HiMSEN and Rolls Royce.

Next generation spindles

Recently, Chris-Marine introduced next generation of VRL mounting spindles. The spindles are auto-centering and allows for quick positioning of VRL machine on cylinder head. In addition, these spindles features a cut-out in the central part of the spindle, allowing a small measurement tool to be used while VRL is in place. This makes it very quick to check result of machining and reduces time spent on completion of recess machining job with more than 50%.

Measuring slot

The new VRL mounting spindles are available for existing VRL’s and will be standard for new VRLs unless otherwise agreed. Along with the new generation of VRL guiding spindles, we also introduce a special toolkit for measuring of the machining result with the VRL in place.

Contact us for more information or a quote for the new spindles and the toolkit.

To learn more about the VRL, check out the product page for technical information, product sheet, pictures and video!