HON S Improvements to enhance safety and ease-of-use

Chris-Marine has recently made improvements to our honing machine HON S in order to enhance safety and ease-of-use.

HON Air Safety


  • Remote control box
  • Chain slack detector (optional)
  • Upgrade kit available for HON S users

Remote control box
The control handles for driving speed and stone pressure have been moved from the honing machine to the same external control box where the reset and emergency buttons are situated. This makes HON S much easier and even safer to use.

Chain slack detector (optional)
The patented chain slack detector stops the machine if there is slack in the chain from the hoist. This can occur for instance if the stone pressure is too high, thus preventing the honing head from sliding down in the liner.

Upgrade kit
Those customers who already have a HON S will get a chance to upgrade their HON S by purchasing an upgrade kit.
There will be two versions of the upgrade kit:

1)Remote control box + chain slack detector
2)Remote control box

Product descriptionHON S is an automatic honing machine for restoration of medium speed engine cylinder liner geometry and surface structure.
For workshop and in-situ use.


  • The new control box which can be used remotely increases safety and ease-of-use
  • The new chain slack detector increases safety (Optional)
  • Upgrade package available – in two versions – for HON S users
  • For honing of liners 140 – 670 mm bore
  • Easy to operate directly on the engine or in honing rig
  • Fully pneumatically driven machine sizes available upon request
  • Variable hoisting speed and exchangeable gearbox for optimal cross-angle pattern and honing capacity


  • 8-armed honing heads available for special applications
  • Automatic stroke control

HON S product sheet