News: How to use the LDM – Liner measurement instruction

The Liner Diameter Measurement tool can be used for verifying cylinder wear and deformation prior to dry-docking or for following up cylinder wear and deformation on a single engine of interest by complementing regular scavenging port inspections with cylinder liner measurement.

Recently, some of our Technical Support and After Sales Technicians were onboard one of DS Norden’s vessels to measure the liner wear on a MAN 7S50MC-C engine.

As we have previously heard from customers that they would like information on how to use the Liner Diameter measurement tool, the job was not only finished according to DS Norden’s satisfaction, but also resulted in this step-by-step video of how to use the LDM.

We hope this video will help our customers when using the LDM – however, if you feel more comfortable with our service technicians doing the job for you, we are happy to help!