IACS update on EEXI implementation guidelines

The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) held its 78th session from June 6 to 10, 2022. Highlights included the finalization of guidelines for EEXI, CII and SEEMP. Additionally, after being reviewed and noted by the MEPC 78 committee, the new “EEXI Implementation Guidelines” were finally approved and published by the International Association of Classification Societies IACS.

The new IACS recommendation (No. 172) confirms that a Shaft Power Limitation system (“ShaPoLi”), independent from the engine automation, fulfills all the IMO requirements according to MEPC resolution 335(76).

The system must constantly monitor and alert the Master or the OICNW in the bridge in case the power exceeds the limit predefined by EEXI calculation and 2 options are available for the crew:

  • Manually reduce the power within the limit or,
  • Give consent to override the limitation and use the power reserve in case of emergency and the system will log data event automatically.

The Chris-Marine ShaPoLi system meets all the requirements for the installation onboard to be approved, under reference to the explanations stated in IACS guidelines.

At Chris-Marine, we are well prepared to deliver many systems within the brief time available for retrofit and compliance.

Moreover, the revised 2022 EEXI guidelines MEPC.1/Circ.902 now provide a method for in-service performance measurements for cases where the speed-power curve is not available, or the sea trial report does not contain the EEDI or design load draught condition. The ship speed (Vref) can be obtained from the in-service performance measurement method for the purpose of EEXI calculation. One of the most important aspects of a successful in-service performance measurement procedure is the preparation. Relevant instruments should be calibrated and their operational conditions prior to the commencement of the trials should be confirmed by the verifier. Among those sensors, but not limited to, that the ship should be equipped with are a shaft torque meter, anemometer and fuel flow meter which are offered in our Chris-Marine monitoring portfolio.

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