NEW: Fully automatic honing and deglazing machine for 2-stroke engine cylinder liners

HON 2A – a fully automatic electric honing and deglazing machine for restoration of slow speed engine cylinder liner geometry and surface structure

HON 2A is a fully automatic honing & deglazing machine for on-site honing of large 2-stroke cylinder liners.  The machine is easily operated directly on the engine. With optional holding equipment, the honing machine can be used directly on liners, outside the engine. Honing rectifies the shape of the liner, removes scuffing and restores surface cross pattern.

HON 2A – machine features

  • For liners 500 – 1000 mm bore
  • Easy to operate directly on the engine
  • Can be used directly on liners outside engine with optional fastening equipment
  • Honing head with detachable stone holders
  • System for continuous supply of honing liquid
  • High honing capacity:
    • powerful electric driving unit
    • powerful electric hoist
    • Adjustable stone pressure
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Preassembled rig:
    • minimizes setup time
    • makes setup even safer
  • One rig fits all bore sizes
  • Automatic stroke control included as standard

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