ShaPoLi success – we’re opening one more production line!

Thanks to the success and high demand for our ShaPoLi system we are opening a new production line. The ShaPoLi systems, which are currently produced by Chris-Marine Germany, will now be produced in Sweden as well to meet the demand from customers around the world.

We are now taking orders for delivery in June 2023, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Chris-Marine ShaPoLi system is compliant with the IACS (EEXI Implementation Guideline) and MEPC.335(76), independent from the engine automation.

For more information about Chris-Marine’s ShaPoLi solution, Shaft Power Meter, or CII monitoring solution, please contact one of our 9 global offices or any of our partners located in your region

Watch our ShaPoLi video!