What is it worth to be able to monitor liner wear?

At SMM 2014, Chris-Marine will present an updated version of the Liner Diameter Measuring instrument (LDM), which can help ship-owners save thousands of dollars.

With a liner costing 50.000 USD in a large 12 cylinder engine, a rise of the wear rate from 0,05mm/1000h to 0,2mm/1000h will make the average annual replacement cost of the liners rise from 26.000 USD to 105.000 USD. This does not take into account the labour, transport and other spares needed.

With the updated Liner Diameter Measuring instrument measuring liners without removing the cylinder cover or the exhaust valve has become simpler than ever and can now be done in under an hour per unit by opening the inspection hatch and removing the indicator cock on the units that are measured.


LDM pictures