Chris-Marine and Veracity by DNV Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Maritime Sustainability

The technology leader Chris-Marine AB is delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Veracity by DNV, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to decarbonizing and digitalizing the maritime industry. This collaboration integrates Trust-Ocean, Chris-Marine’s cutting-edge performance and emissions monitoring solution, with Veracity, the world leading maritime emissions cloud from DNV.

Jens Groth, CEO of Chris-Marine AB, stated: “Integrating Trust-Ocean with DNV’s maritime emissions cloud, Veracity, reduces the risk of low-quality data and improves data transparency. This enhances sustainability for our customers, supports their decision-making process, and helps them achieve compliance and operational efficiency goals. This aligns with Chris-Marine’s overall goal to accelerate the decarbonization and digitalization of the maritime industry, establishing us as a market leader in promoting a sustainable future. Chris Marine has invested heavily in digital offerings and capabilities as a natural evolution of the LEMAG® products in order to offer the market a future proof solution “.

Aymen Abdaoui, Project Leader of Trust-Ocean, added: “Trust-Ocean represents a significant advancement in maritime performance and monitoring technology. By automatically collecting data from onboard sensors, Trust-Ocean minimizes manual processes and enhances data accuracy, saving time and effort for the crew. Our system features dynamic dashboards for real-time monitoring of vessel operational efficiency, actively engaging the crew onboard to take immediate and informed actions. Through our centralized platform, ship data is transmitted to the shore, stored in the cloud, and analyzed via a secure web-based application, offering deeper insights and analytics.”

This partnership is in sync with Veracity by DNV’s focus on delivering the optimal maritime emissions data verification solution, enabling customers to use their emissions data with confidence in a wide range of business use-cases, such as handling EU ETS settlements and sustainability reporting. Trust Ocean’s seamless integration with Veracity and DNV’s verification services offers a comprehensive solution for shipowners and operators to proactively manage their vessels, optimize operations, and ensure compliance with evolving environmental regulations.

During our recent discussions in Athens, we explored the benefits of this partnership for customers like Hammonia Reederei GmbH & Co. KG.

Kay Thürnagel, Technical Director at Hammonia Reederei GmbH, commented: “The integration between Trust-Ocean by Chris-Marine and Veracity will support our environmental reporting and verification, reducing the manual handling required by our crew. We’re excited by this collaboration.”

Chris-Marine  is proud to be a key player in the maritime industry’s journey towards a sustainable future, promoting enhanced operational efficiency and environmental responsibility through innovative technology solutions.

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Leif Abildgaard
Chief Commercial Officer, Chris-Marine AB
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