Accessories & Consumables

Quality accessories & consumables for superior engine maintenance results

Choosing the right grinding wheels, honing stones, couplings and other accessories, is of high importance to engine maintenance results. Chris-Marine’s accessories & consumables have therefore been carefully selected and tested to make sure they keep the very best standard.

accessories and consumables

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals

Our cleaning chemicals have been specifically designed and developed for ultrasonic cleaning methods and they enable enabling rapid penetration and removal of deposits.

Honing Liquid

Honing liquid prevents residues from clogging the honing stones and thereby ensures a smooth and efficient honing process.

Grinding Wheels

Choosing the right grinding wheels for a specific job is the key aspect for achieving superior grinding results. Therefore, the Chris-Marine grinding wheels have been carefully selected, tested and proven for each type of metal alloy, surface finish and workload.

Honing Stones

Honing time and stone consumption increase with cylinder diameter and stroke length. Because of this it is very important to select the right honing stones. We offer two types of honing stones: diamond stones and ceramic stones.

Diamond stones

Diamond stones have superior endurance and remove material faster than ceramic stones. They are therefore suitable for coarse honing of large engines or highly worn smaller engines.

Ceramic stones

Ceramic stones provide superior oil retaining properties for the cylinder liner and are therefore mandatory when finishing the running surface structure.

Turning Bits

The turning bits for our portable lathes are supplied in different shapes and qualities. Each type has been carefully tested to give the best result when it comes to performance, lifetime and surface roughness.

High Pressure Hoses & Couplings

Chris-Marine’s high pressure hoses & couplings fulfill all requirements and specifications required by engine designers like MAN Diesel & Wärtsilä.


  • Ultra-high working pressures
  • Maintain flexibility through entire service life
  • Low volumetric expansion
  • Kink-resistant steel-reinforced construction
  • Abrasion-resistant covers

Dial Gauge

Dial gauges are precision instruments used to balance and align Chris-Marine machines and equipment.


  • Facilitates adjustment when setting angles
  • Minimizes vibrations when centering grinding wheels
  • Different reading scales to optimize accuracy
  • Analogue reading