Fuel System Maintenance

Fuel System Maintenance for healthy engines

Fuel System Testing and Fuel System Maintenance are necessary measures to avoid serious and costly engine damage to engines. Chris-Marine offers a range of  machines and other equipment to optimize the performance of fuel systems.

fuel system maintenance

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Our equipment for Testing & Maintenance

  • Fuel Valve Test Rigs
  • Valve Holder
  • Fuel Injector Test Rigs.
  • Test Rig Adaptor
  • Fuel Injector Grinding Tool
  • Trigger Boxes
  • Fuel Pump & Fuel Valve Grinding Machine
  • Fuel Pump Tester
  • Oil Mist Separator and Test Fluid

We offer machines for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke fuel systems of which many – like for instance the the VPUD series of Fuel Injector Test Rigs – are approved and recommended by leading engine designers like MAN Diesel, Wärtsilä, Rolls Royce and Caterpillar MAK.

Changing the way fuel injectors are tested

Thanks to our collaboration with engine designers, our VPUD test rigs are compatible with fuel injectors and safety valves on hundreds of different engine models. Our close cooperation with engine designers has also resulted in unique solutions and products like:

  • IOP SafeTest technology for MAN Diesel 2-stroke slide-valve fuel injectors
  • Scalable pump technology for Wärtsilä 2-stroke fuel injectors
  • Air-powered test rigs for 4-stroke engine injectors, allowing fast and precise adjustment of opening pressure second to none
  • Activators for electronically controlled injectors & pilot valves
  • Adapters for injectors with integrated fuel pump
  • Systems for test of combined gas-diesel injectors

Accessories & Consumables

To facilitate and enhance the use of out machines we offer a range of accessories like digital reference gauges, high pressure hoses & couplings, and much more.

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