Power Packs

Powerful hydraulic tools require reliable power sources.

That powerful hydraulic tools require great power packs is no secret. In cooperation with MAN Diesel, Wärtsilä and 2-stroke engine owners worldwide, Chris-Marine has developed a range of mobile Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs). When needed, he units deliver up to 5 times the normal speed when needed, while fulfilling the requirement for pressures above 3000 bar.

power packs

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These Power Packs can loosen a cylinder cover on the world’s largest diesel engines in less than five minutes, which makes them very useful tools. The HPUs are not only suitable for closed-circuit tools, but can also be used for floating of camshafts as well as opening of SKF couplings. Special operation modes make it possible to safely operate several types of tool series with one unit only.

About the HPU range

  • A series of power units covering most needs for most engines
  • The range is available in 10 configurations
  • Smaller units can also be powered by hand
  • Hydraulic pressure up to 3.500 bar at 7 bar air inlet pressure
  • Flow rates up to 1.9 l/min
  • Adjustable maximum outlet pressure for tool protection
  • Internal pump(s), high-pressure pipes, connections, gauges etc are of top technical quality to ensure reliability and efficiency
  • The units can be adapted for special applications like opening SKF couplings, opening/separating turbo chargers etc.
  • Twin-pump models drastically reduce pumping time with about 80% of normal time and typical pumping time for a cylinder cover will be 2-6 minutes, depending on engine size

About the MPU series

Our hand-driven hydraulic power unit MPU is available in two different versions:

  • MPU 1500 with pressure range 0-1500 bar
  • MPU 2500 with pressure range 0-2500 bar

Both versions have an automatic switch between two flow capacities. Therefore, pumping is fast and easy at high and low pressure. In addition, their long handles facilitate the operation of the units.

Accessories & Consumables

To facilitate and enhance the use of out machines we offer a range of accessories like digital reference gauges, high pressure hoses & couplings, and much more.

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