Cleaning Chemicals

To get the very best cleaning results, appropriate cleaning chemicals should be used. Different engine parts sometimes need different cleaning chemicals. Because of this, Chris-Marine offers as many as three types of cleaning chemicals. As a result our customers can be sure to get their engine parts properly cleaned no matter what metal they are made of.

cleaning chemicals

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Ultra Rinse Engine
Ultra Rinse Engine is a high alkaline cleaning chemical suitable for challenging cleaning tasks. It is ideal for cleaning steel, stainless steel and cast-iron components that have been exposed to heavy fuel oil. It efficiently removes fuel, coke, soot and paint.

Ultra Rinse Engine - a cleaning chemical for challenging cleaning tasks.

Ultra Rinse Intercooler
Ultra Rinse Intercooler is a high alkaline cleaning chemical suitable for cleaning of metals like aluminum, titanium, brass and copper. This makes it particularly efficient for cleaning of intercoolers and turbo parts.

Ultra Rinse Intercooler is a cleaning chemical suitable for all types of metals.

Ultra Rinse Descale
Ultra Rinse Descale is an acidic liquid concentrate based on highly efficient surfactants and inhibitors. This cleaning chemical is often used to remove lime scale, iron deposits, carbon deposits and oil deposits from engine parts.

Ultra Rinse Descale is a highly efficient cleaning chemical for Engine parts.