Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for efficient cleaning of engine parts

Chris-Marine delivers marine and industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions worldwide to cater for the different cleaning needs of different engine parts. We offer a range of ultrasonic cleaning machines, both large and small.

USC 4600

USC 4600 offers a solution for larger industrial cleaning requirements. The machine can handle the cleaning of both large and small engine parts and components, making it a highly useful cleaning system for various industries.

Ultrasonic cleaning

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UCS small range

On the other hand, our UCS small range of cleaning systems offers solutions for smaller smaller engine parts and components. It’s a great range of products, which fits in anywhere, and as a result it’s a very popular onboard vessels.

The small range of cleaning systems fits in anywhere and ensures highly effective onboard cleaning of smaller engine parts like:

  • valve spindles
  • fuel injectors
  • filters

Ultrasonic Cleaning – system details

The stainless-steel cleaning tanks are ultrasonically driven. This means that transducers generate ultrasound waves that vibrate the cleaning fluid at very high velocity, creating a cavitation process. Millions of tiny bubbles implode in the solution and penetrate every orifice of the items that are being cleaned.

Because of the efficiency of the ultrasonic cleaning system, dirt and grime can be removed within seconds. The transducers are produced according to a unique patented design that minimizes cavitation erosion and provides high-energy all-round cleaning.

Cleaning accessories and chemicals

The external Oil Skimmer, which is available for purchase can assist with the removal of oil contamination from the system with integrated diaphragm pump and complete with flow and return ports. By using the oil skimmer an even better cleaning result can be obtained.

For optimal results, we recommend the use of cleaning chemicals from our Ultra Rinse range: Ultra Rinse Intercooler, Ultra Rinse Engine and Ultra Rinse Descale.

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