Grinding & Machining

Chris-Marine offers complete solutions for diesel and gas engine maintenance to cut downtime and save costs. Our extensive Grinding & Machining portfolio has been developed to overhaul and restore cylinder heads, cylinder liners and sealing surfaces.

grinding and machining

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Cylinder Heads

We offer machines for Grinding & Machining of cylinder heads on both 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel and gas engines. They take care of overhaul and restoration of valves, valve seats, valve spindles and seat recesses. Some of them are electrically driven while others are pneumatically driven. We also have a machine that easily removes valve seats.

Cylinder Liners

Our large range of Grinding & Machining equipment for restoration and overhaul of 2-stroke and 4-stroke cylinder liners includes honing & deglazing machines, as well as machines for wavecut grinding and wear edge milling. In addition, we offer a Unistress piston ring expander and honing rigs for liners with an outer diameter of 200 to 800 mm.

Sealing Surfaces

Our Grinding & Machining equipment for sealing surfaces consists of machines that can handle grinding on top of engine frames, between cylinder head and cylinder liner as well as between cylinder liner and engine frame. Some machines are pneumatically driven and others electrically driven. They are all suitable for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Q: Why should I use Chris-Marine’s machines during engine overhaul?

A: To achieve maintenance results according to engine makers’ specifications, which means you will minimize unexpected downtime and your engine will last longer.

Q: Why is liner honing so important? Can’t I just replace piston rings?

A: Proper liner honing prevents excessive lube oil consumption and makes sure that the lube oil can stick to the liner surface. If you simply replace the piston rings lube oil consumption will remain high.

Q: Why is Cylinder Condition Monitoring & Reconditioning so important?

A: To increase cylinder liner lifetime, restore engine performance, avoid running-in problems, and ensure accurate lube oil consumption.
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Q: I need to restore my 2-stroke cylinder liners. Can I use your machine DGL?

A: No, DGL has been designed for in-situ precision deglazing of 4-stroke cylinder liners. If you want to restore your 2-stroke cylinder liners, we recommend HON 2A and/or WGM.
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Q: We currently have issues with cylinder liner scuffing on our large bore liners. What shall we do?

A: Chris-Marine has a well-established process for restoration of scuffing. Please contact your local Chris-Marine representative for more information: Contact us for Technical Support and Aftersales – Chris-Marine

Q: We are experiencing cooling water leakage on our 4-stroke engine. What can we do?

A: You need to restore the sealing surface. This can easily be done with CPL, CPM or our PTL.
CPL and CPM are used when there is leakage between cylinder liner and engine frame whereas PTL is used when you have cooling water leakage down to the crank case. For more information please contact your local Chris-Marine representative: Contact us for Technical Support and Aftersales – Chris-Marine

Q: I work at a cruise vessel with 4-stroke engines and we often have to perform oversize machining on our cylinder covers. This is very time consuming and logistically problematic. Do you have any advice for us?

A: We have a Chris-Marine machine called VRL. VRL is an in-situ valve seat and valve recess machine for restoration of your cylinder cover. Learn more here: Valve Seat and Recess Lathe / VRL – Chris-Marine

Q: We find it hard to remove the valve seats on our 4-stroke cylinder covers. Can you recommend an easy and more modern way to remove valve seats?

A: Chris-Marine’s machine MPI efficiently and easily removes valve seats within just a few minutes without damaging the surface of the cylinder cover. MPI is recommended by engine makers. More information on MPI can be found here: Valve Seat Remover / MPI – Chris-Marine

Q: Why should I purchase honing stones from Chris-Marine?

A: Our honing stones are carefully tested and selected to ensure the very best end results according to engine makers’ specifications. Learn more about our accessories and consumables here: Accessories & Consumables Accessories & Consumables – Chris-Marine