Cylinder Liners

Our extensive range of Grinding & Machining equipment for restoration and overhaul of 2-stroke and 4-stroke cylinder liners includes honing & deglazing machines, as well as machines for wave cut grinding and wear edge milling. We offer machines for honing in-situ or in a honing rig. Our ceramic honing stones and diamond honing stones are of great quality. Together with our honing liquid that prevents residues from clogging the stones, they ensure an efficient honing process. To facilitate the honing process we also have honing rigs and piston ring expanders in our product portfolio.

cylinder liners

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Why honing of cylinder liners?
The honing process rectifies longitudinal and circumferential surface geometry, thus restoring the cylinder liner’s oil retaining surface properties. Honing is vital to prolong the lifetime of cylinder liners and avoid running-in problems. If honing isn’t performed regularly there is a risk that the maximum wear limit provided by the engine makers won’t be reached before cylinder condition issues occur. Some common cylinder condition problems are broken piston rings and cylinder scuffing.

Honing results
The honing result depends on several process parameters such as honing speed, stone pressure, and number of strokes for each stage. Different types of stones are used throughout the process and up to five surface roughness parameters and several more geometrical parameters should be within a pre-specified range at the end of the honing process. This means that monitoring and controlling the process is challenging also for quite experienced users. Chris-Marine has therefore developed the Chris-Marine Honing App, a tool intended to make it easier to monitor and control the honing process, thereby improving quality while also saving time.

The honing app.
The Honing App collects geometrical dimensions measured with the micrometer kit and surface roughness values logged with the SRM and guides the user through the honing process step by step. At the end of the process, data collected is summarized in a final measurement report. The Honing App has a set of pre-defined recipes and measurement report formats making it easy to save time and improve quality at the same time.

Choosing your equipment
The choice of equipment has an impact on quality, process time, noise level and safety. Chris-Marine’s experienced staff are happy to advice. To learn more about cylinder reconditioning, please see our brochures:

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