Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator / ECI

Improves engine uptime and lowers operating costs by allowing technicians to balance, finne-tune and monitor main and auxiliary engines.

  • Enables fine-tuning of engine performance
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Designed to withstand harsh conditions
  • Takes continuous engine readings
  • Detects problems before downtime occurs
  • Safe, innovative and precise crank angle sensor

Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator - ECI

Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator - ECI

Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator - ECI



LEMAG ECI Handheld Unit Software

LEMAG ECI Handheld Unit Software

LEMAG ECI is an Electronic cylinder pressure indicator which improves engine uptime and lowers operating costs.

LEMAG ECI allows technicians to balance, fine tune and monitor auxiliary and main engines.  The Electronic cylinder pressure indicator offers reporting on performance for all large 2- and 4- stroke engines no matter if they are running on natural gas, LPG or HFO/MDO, as long as they are equipped with an indicator valve.

Features of LEMAG ECI

  • LEMAG ECI enables fine tuning of engine performance and lowers operating costs
  • It is designed to withstand the harsh conditions found on ships and power plants
  • The device has the ability to take continuous engine readings without the risk of overheating the sensor
  • It detects problems before downtime occurs
  • LEMAG ECI has a safe, innovative and precise crank angle sensor (optional), which delivers unmatched reading accuracy
  • LEMAG ECI is an intuitive and easy-to-use electronic cylinder pressure indicator

Intuitive & easy to use

  • LEMAG ECI is easy to use even while wearing gloves.
  • The ergonomic handheld unit shows measurements on a large color display.
  • Confirmation on site in real time that measurement process was successful.
  • The results can be copied to a PC and analyzed with the included software, or sent to the superintendent for further comparison with historical or reference data.
  • The step-by-step graphic instructions for different tasks, as well as easy-to-understand menus, makes LEMAG ECI easy to handle, even for new operators.

ECI system calibration

To ensure the quality of the instrument you can easily send it to Chris-Marine Germany for test and calibration. A renewed certification will be provided for each unit. Recommended interval: 12 to 24 months.

Two configurations to match your engine



For accurate cylinder pressure measurements with automatic TDC detection for MIP and power calculation, misfiring analysis and engine balancing function with a high-quality pressure sensor with leak-proof, patented design and excellent thermal specifications.


Includes the easy-to-mount, MS Crank Angle Sensor solution, which allows high-resolution crank angle measurements. This ensures precise MIP and cylinder power calculations. Recommended for use with low-speed engines.


Technical specification
Pressure range 0-350 Bar
Display dimensions H 55 mm (2.2”); W 97 mm (3.8”)
Pressure Accuracy < ±1%
Temperature Range -50˚ to 400˚ C
Speed Range 30-2000 RPM
Pressure Sensor Piezo Electric type, leak-proof
Max. Cylinder/Engine 20
Connection Type USB
Battery Life Min. 4 hrs
Battery Lifetime Approx 4 yrs
Weight (handheld unit) 1.4 kg
Weight (entire product case) 6.9 kg
Dimensions (Handheld Unit) H 150 mm (5.9”); W 260 mm (10.2”); D 55 mm (2.2”)