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Don’t underestimate the importance of original equipment, parts and consumables!

Proper maintenance is critical to engine performance. When performing maintenance on engine components, Chris-Marine’s machines and tools are key to achieve the desired results. A critical aspect to achieve the optimal results is using original parts and consumables. The only way to guarantee this is by purchasing parts and consumables directly from Chris-Marine or one of our authorized agents.

There are several reasons why purchasing equipment, parts, and consumables, from the original manufacturer is so important. When purchasing original parts and consumables you know that they will fit your machine. There will be less interruptions when operating the machine and the output will be up to the expected standard. Safety for the machine operator is another aspect to consider. Replacing a part in a machine with a lower-quality part or a poorly fitting part could possibly destroy the machine and in worst case scenario injure the operator. In addition, when purchasing original equipment, you get access to professional support from people who really know the product. It may be tempting to look elsewhere for spare parts and consumables due to cost. However, in the long run it is much more cost-efficient to purchase original equipment from the source.

Original equipment, parts and consumables.

Chris-Marine has designed, manufactured, and sold engine maintenance machines for 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines for more than six decades. We offer world class engine maintenance & monitoring products and solutions to engine builders, ship owners, shipyards, workshops, and power plants around the world. By purchasing equipment directly from us customers can rest assured they will receive durable high-quality products and parts as well as world-class support to optimize the performance of your engines.

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