Remote support concept

Remote Support Concept
Your guide to operating Chris-Marine equipment.

Remote Support and virtual super-user help in real time

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has hit the world with full force and affected us all in one way or another. The virus has had a severe impact on the way we live & work and travel restrictions have made it difficult to get access to equipment when needed and engine maintenance experts. Chris-Marine has therefore taken measures in the form of Remote Support & Training to help customers wherever they are.

Chris-Marine has therefore introduced a two-part module to global customers to meet their need for handling their own engine maintenance. Depending on their needs, customers can choose one part or both. Our Remote Support Concept (CMRS) helps shipping companies, powerplants and workshops operate & optimize the use of Chris-Marine equipment.

With the help of Chris-Marine’s remote connection solution or our customers’ own extended use of onboard installations, it is easy to receive fast and professional support remotely from our field service professionals.

Part 1 – Technical Guidance & Trouble Shooting (CM24/7)

The current global market situation has shown the importance of human interaction and communication when it comes to social networking with friends and family, but also business relation.

Some businesses may be running on low steam for the time being. However, the need for technical assistance, troubleshooting and guidance will continue to be useful in the future to keep costs down while getting proper maintenance.

Therefore, Chris-Marine has introduced a service which will provide remote assistance 24/7.

With help of your primarily Chris-Marine contact you will have access to our senior technical staff whenever needed. Solutions to remote connection can be provided by Chris-Marine or selected by the customer.  

This 24/7 service is free of charge and can be used by current Chris-Marine customers as well as other companies looking into investing in our products.

The subjects of these sessions can for instance be day-to-day business, workflow in the workshop, correct use of Chris-Marine machines, questions regarding investment in Chris-Marine equipment, rental opportunities, spares & consumables, troubleshooting, remote training, general guidance and much more.

Key features

  • Your primary Chris-Marine contact together with a senior technical expert will be available for the  entire session
  • A full session of questions, troubleshooting and guidance
  • Instructions
  • Other technical documentation material if needed

Part 2 – Remote Training (CMRT)

When the subject of service performed by a customer’s own crew comes up, we often hear comments like; there’s a lack of capability inhouse, we don’t have the right knowledge and outsourcing is cheaper.

However, becoming independent is now more important than ever. The world has changed and working remotely will be part of the new normal. The general perception seems to be that monitoring and overhauling of engines is highly complicated and often too difficult to perform in-house with own crew.  

That’s why Chris-Marine has introduced a Remote Training Concept. With help from our senior service engineers and an extensive amount of technical material such as videos, manuals and instructions, your entire crew will get the right support prior to, during and after these training sessions in order to become fully trained and able to perform maintenance with Chris-Marine machines.

What’s in it for you?

  • No unnecessary planning, transportation and costs for service personnel and equipment
  • Independency and self-sufficiency
  • A more cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to do maintenance
  • Long term competitive strategy that never leaves you stranded without equipment or manpower

Key features

  • Chris-Marine senior service engineer available for the entire session
  • A full theoretical and practical session
  • Providing extensive amount of material:
    • Complete technical documentation
    • Training video
    • Manuals
    • Instructions
    • Reports
    • Certificates
  • Direct future access to Chris-Marine senior service engineer