Service solutions cases

Selection of service solutions

Case 1

A workshop in Malaysia needs a machine

The Technical Support and Aftersales team offers service solutions to a workshop in Malaysia. The workshop needs a machine because the machine they have does not generate a good surface, and they have a service job to finish.

Service solution 1
Customer rents a machine from our Singapore office and orders a repair kit for the broken machine at the same time. We send an instruction describing how to overhaul the machine. The repair kit contains recent product upgrades intended to prolong the time between overhauls.

Service solution 2
Customer purchases a new machine and we include a rental machine at a fixed price.

Service solution 3
Customer rents a machine from our Singapore office and sends the broken one for repair to Singapore. We offer a fixed price rental & repair agreement.

Service case 2 

Measuring cylinder liners

The Technical Support and Aftersales team offers s service solution to a customer who is planning to measure cylinder liners with Chris-Marine’s Liner Diameter Measuring tool (LDM). However, they are not sure if the LDM is capable of measuring this specific engine type.

Service solution
We trace the customer’s LDM configuration through the serial number and offer needed accessories. We also share our experience from measuring the engine type in question so that the service job can be carried out smoothly.

When the job is done, the customer would like a specialist opinion on the measurement results. We then summarize the results in an official Chris-Marine® report, including microscopic analysis of replicas collected by customers.

LDM measurement + microscopy
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