Super-users, Training & Installation services

If you recently purchased equipment from us we can assist you remotely, invite you to one of our hubs or dispatch a super-user to your site in order to give product training. We can also assist you with installing and commissioning equipment.

Super-user services

Chris-Marine’s TSA super-users can work alone or together with your staff anywhere in the world. Our super-users deliver the best support to our customers and can handle all Chris-Marine®, Obel-P® and LEMAG® equipment.

Our super-user services can complement your own services when:

  • a service job coming up but you are lacking capacity or know-how for carrying out the job.
  • you would like to make sure that your team is using state-of-the-art procedures when carrying out jobs with equipment from Chris-Marine®, Obel-P® or LEMAG®.


Chris-Marine and IOP Marine machine training can be conducted at any time in the TSA workshops or att the customers own premises. We can offer wide training programs for workshops or specific training courses combined with service jobs for vessels and power plants.

We recommend using real engine components during training sessions to be able to establish the most efficient working methods.

TSA can help you with:

Our skilled crew have extensive experience in engine overhaul and can help you with a wide range of engine care problems.

For example, we can provide training and eucation instructions for:

  • Cylinder liner surface machining
  • Cylinder honing / wear edge removal
  • Wave cut grinding
  • Oil pockets machining
  • Preparation and machining for anti-polishing ring
  • Milling o-ring groves
  • Grinding and/or lathing of landing surfaces
  • Special machining for insert rings
  • Condition monitoring of cylinder liner, piston and piston rings
  • Injector valve and fuel pump condition testing


With the monitoring products sold such as the Fuel Analyzer and liner scan our crew can also assist in the installation of the systems providing you with not just a product but a complete operational system.

Job example:

  • Liner scan systems (Kittiwake) installation
  • Installation of the Fuel Analyzer (FAR), showing the cat fine content of the fuel entering the engine.
  • Preparation for Hans Jensen SIP injectors
  • Machining cylinder cover for fitting of MAN Diesel Slide-Valve Fuel Injectors + installation of fuel injector test rig upgrade (type PPMI)
  • Installation partner for selected auxiliary systems, like USON marine trash compactors
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