Valve seat removal in Hong Kong

Valve seat removal in Hong Kong


Man Diesel & Turbo Hong Kong Ltd


MAN Diesel & Turbo Hong Kong is located on Tsi Yi island in Hong Kong.

The MAN PrimeServ work shop is equipped with advanced technologies for repairs on gen sets and two-stroke engines.

MAN Diesel & Turbo has purchased several Chris Marine & IOP Marine products for their workshop in Hong Kong including: WGM, FPT, VPA 1100-5, HON-P & MPI.

Purchased Product:

The Multi Purpose Induction tool (MPI) is designed for easy removal of worn valve seats from cylinder heads.

The equipment consists of an induction generator which generates a high frequency current to an insulated water-cooled induction coil. The coil is designed to fit a specific valve seat centered on the valve guide and induces a current to the valve seat which is given a rapid heating, and heat is thus generated directly in metal objects.

For use in different applĂ­cations such as:

  • Valve Seat Removal
  • Shrink Fitting
  • Spot Heating

Reason for purchase:

The MPI was released in 2012 and MAN Diesel & Turbo Hong Kong Ltd was one of the first companies who ordered it.
The MPI has been in daily use for a about two years, and according to work shop manager Mr. Mos Tsang the main benefit, compared to the traditional methods, is time saving.

The coil heats the valve seat fast, typically in 15 seconds. As the seat heats up, it softens and tries to expand. The cold cylinder head prevents this, so the seat deforms. After cooling, the diameter has been reduced by 0.3-0.5mm, allowing removal without force.

Removing seats on 8-9 cylinder heads, normally took the workshop employees an entire day, but now they can do it within an hour. Additionally, the risk for damaging the cylinder head is eliminated by using the MPI.

The MPI is very easy to operate, thus there are 10 engineers in this work shop who can do it.


Download the case story here: MAN Diesel HK